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about us


What Is BarleysList?

BarleysList is a free web site where pet owners can go and find compatible businesses for their pet needs. No matter what type of pet or service you are looking for, you can find it here. There are no fees or memberships to use our site or post your business. So whether you have a dog or cat and like to travel with your pet. Or if you own a horse and need to find a mobile horseshoer. Or if you have a reptilian pet and need a reptilian veterinarian or even a veterinarian that specializes in dermatology. Or if you are the proud owner of a hamster and need a sitter, you can find it here. We also have a 5 star way to rate these businesses. Every business which is rated is then personally reviewed by me to insure accuracy and truth. As we have grown we now proudly boost that we are international and currently have over 380,000 businesses.

So who is Barley? Barley was our Golden Retriever of 16.5 years. He passed in 2003. He was the most loving and gentle dog who blessed our world. He had a companion Snapple who was a Golden Retriever as well and she loved everyone as the world loved her. She lived 14.5 years but passed in 2007. Currently we have a gentle giant Murphy Dog age 7, the sweet and excited Lucy Dog age 6, Stella a Mini Doxy/ Jack Russel mix rescue pup age 3, Clif Richard the warrior Kitty age 8, Helen a sassy Rhode Island Red hen and Betty a big yellow Buff Orpington hen. Between us we have had every type of pet from horses to snakes to fish to goats! So this list has come easy.

So why the List? The idea for BarleysList originated seven years ago when we had a dire need find a pet sitter. Our pet sitter was unavailable for a last minute trip. I decided to go online and look for someone to care for my pets. I found a sitter and used her services. When I returned home the house was in disarray and the dog food bowl was empty. I was very disappointed. Several months later, my sister needed a veterinarian who specialized in rabbits. This was difficult to find as well. But the straw that broke the camels back was another experience I had with finding a reputable place to board our cat. I searched online and only found advertisements, so I settled for "A Great Place to Board Cats". The reality upon our pre visit was a nightmare. Cats were crammed in to cages. There was feces all over the place. Thank goodness we chose to visit before deciding to board our cat.

The thought was ever lingering in my mind- there needs to be a better way. There should be a list of ALL pet businesses, not just the ones which can afford to advertise or have a web site. I taught myself everything you see on the site and hired a very talented script writer to help me with the things I could not do. Hence the development of BarleysList.

BarleysList was created for pet owners, by pet owners.