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Our Monthly Adventure


Mammoth Lakes, California

July/ August 2010

Our new adventure found us at June Lake and Mammoth Lakes, CA. We had decided to visit here because we heard from MANY of you on how pet friendly there area was. And they are right. As a youngster my family had taken us hundreds of times and I remember how much fun it was. And we often brought Fido along. I was very excited to revisit the area as an adult.

Our first stop was June Lake. We took the dogs and cat camping. We were close to the water and the back side of many trails- all of which were dog friendly. We set up the tent trailer and the kitty curled up as if we were home. He really loves camping and sharing time with us. I placed a 50 foot lead between two pine trees and placed the dogs 6 foot leaches onto it. It gave them a safe place to rest and they too fell asleep. So we all napped in the afternoon. The next day we explored a beautiful trail which took us up to a small lake. It was very relaxing and beautiful.

We then headed south for Mammoth Lakes. We had reserved a cabin on Twin Lakes. These were very cute and cozy cabins on the lake front. The dogs roamed freely and the kitty sat in the window enjoying all the sites and sounds the wilderness has to provide. I wanted to visit Devils Postpile and was pleasantly surprised that the dogs are allowed on the shuttle. The only contingency is they needed to wear a soft muzzle. They sell them for $10 there. The dogs are allowed also on the Gondolas as well as the public transportation systems. We were able to take the dogs everywhere and they received such a warm welcome from all the friends they met.

There are many other pet friendly, fun things to do at the surrounding Mammoth and June Lake areas. Here is a list:

Welcome to the trail


Welcome to the Trail!

We had to Cross a 30 Foot River


We Had to Cross a 30 Foot River

All Three of Them Enjoyed the Cabin


All Three of Them Enjoyed the Cabin

Lots of Excellent Horseback Riding Trails


Lots of Excellent Horseback Riding Trails

Yep, He is smiling too!


Yep, He is Smiling Too! This is the Soft Muzzle.

All the Dogs Were Waiting For the Shuttle


All the Dogs Were Waiting For the Shuttle

Hike Anyone?


Hike Anyone? Or Can We Have A Swim Now?

Off to our next adventure


Off To Our Next Adventure!